Cedar-shingled manses make way for the new contemporary landscape

On The East End, The Modern Aesthetic Has Arrived

Hamptons architecture usually evokes a dreamy image of either a massive shingled compound surrounded by ancient trees and hedgerows or rows of whaler cottages sitting side-by-side with the ghosts of captains’ wives sobbing from the “widow’s watch” on the roof.

Fast forward, the internet boom of the ‘90s created younger millionaires and billionaires for whom the style of yore didn’t resonate. To accommodate the nouveau-riche, many new builders materialized, while some East End builders have added the modern build to their repertoire. There are some that have hybridized the style where there are traditional aspects with modern accents or features. Here are some of our favorites.

Independent/Courtesy Michael Davis Design & Construction

Michael Davis Design & Construction

Michael Davis, master of the classic Hamptons home with its gables and English cottage flair surrounded by glorious gardens, pool, and tennis courts, has blended his quintessential style with sleek architecture in his latest, a modern farmhouse, also known as the “Badass Barn.” The lead-coated copper roof of the home is a standout, as are interior details which are big, bright, and clean with walls of windows, and contemporary fixtures and doors.

Jennifer Post Interior Design was the perfect match for this colossal masterpiece of modern architecture, yet it fits in beautifully to its traditional environs. www.michaeldavis.com

Aran Construction. Independent/Ty Wenzel

Aran Construction

Since 1995, Joe Quin has been building modern compounds that have become a favorite of the young, wealthy set. His work incorporates the absolute best in energy efficiency and the homes will blow you away with their intense posture in their environment. The first thing a walk-through would bring to one’s attention are the windows. Lots of them — wall to wall in most cases. Every room has a flow that follows the windowed walls’ journey that floods the rooms in natural light. Even the pool houses are built to complement the main house. www.araninc.com

Independent/Courtesy Atlantic Collaborative Construction

Atlantic Collaborative Construction

A master in his field, the late Rick Schumway started the firm in 1999. His son, Erek Schumway, now leads the firm into its gloried future. Rick had a love of traditional modern masters and one can feel the Frank Lloyd Wright vibe in some of the homes with their low, long, and clean lines that create rooms flooded in the East End’s famous light.

He was incorporating black window fittings before it was trendy and the rooms are made for today’s mid-century modern furnishings craze — think Eames and Saarinen. ACC’s homes are truly a study in the way modern architecture should look and function. www.atlanticcollaborative.com

Independent/Courtesy The Modern Barn

The Modern Barn®

A division of the Plum Builders empire, the Modern Barn® is the classic farmhouse in terms of its exterior, which allows the beautiful home to blend into its environment naturally. But look inside and you have an ultramodern masterpiece of communal flow that is show-stopping in its openness and luxuriousness. The way the walls of windows are designed brings the outdoors in, almost literally. They also incorporate renewable materials, as well as the latest in energy efficiency. Their work is expansive living at its best. www.themodernbarn.build

Independent/Courtesy Seabury Builders

Seabury Builders

Peter Seabury has been building modern homes on the East End for decades. Seabury Builders’ homes have a historic feel, with wide designs and large stone accents. Clean paneled walls, stone kitchen floors and wall-to-wall windows are key features. They’ve worked with the likes of Norman Jaffee and other notable architects to create these homes. Although the historic flavor is abundant, the homes are the epitome of luxury and exceed today’s energy efficiency requirements while creating the perfect canvas for the contemporary interior designer. www.seaburybuilders.com

Architects To Contact For Your Modern Dream Home

Among our favorite architects with a mastery of modern design include Bates+Masi, Stelle Lomont Rouhani, Barnes Coy, Blaze Makoid, and Martin Architects.