Real Realty

Patrick McLaughlin

How did you get into selling luxury real estate?
I originally started working for a small boutique firm in Tribeca and then eventually moved my business here to the Hamptons. It wasn’t so much a case of me choosing luxury real estate as it choosing me.

What differentiates you from all the others?
I was fortunate to have worked as a sales manager for Douglas Elliman for more than a decade. Having helped shepherd the deals of 25 or so agents in addition to doing my own sales, I feel like I have a level of experience that translates to less stressful and more profitable transactions for my clients and customers.

What technologies or methods do you use to market your clients?
I’m constantly testing new ways to advertise and market my properties. Right now, I’m having great success with individual pop-up ads that target consumers who have recently searched real estate websites such as Zillow or Out East. Consumers can be on websites ranging from The Indy to CNN to Facebook and the ad will come up if their previous searches were similar.

How has real estate changed since you first started?
I think the idea of the part-time agent is gone. When you’re handling what is probably the single biggest asset for most individuals, they want someone who takes this as seriously as they do.

How do you feel about the popularity of your region in the last decade?
I love sharing how the Hamptons have grown over the past few years. The biggest change I’ve noticed is that more people are using their second homes year-round. The Hamptons don’t shut down after Labor Day, and who doesn’t love the ability to wake up to fresh air and open skies?

What advice do you give homeowners that would like to sell their home?
If you’ve decided to sell your home, it’s a great idea to spruce it up a little. Get the paint, plant the garden, and de-clutter the den. Do your best to make you want to buy your home all over again. You only get one shot to make a first impression!

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