Real Realty: Pape Construction works on homes from modern to historic

Quality And Craftsmanship For Any Style

Phil Pape built his first house in Southampton in 1999, later forming Pape Construction to include in-house estimating, project management, and site supervision. Pape Construction has worked on a variety of designs across modern, traditional, and historical styles, from new homes to historical restorations. Since 2017, the company has been included on Luxe Magazine’s Contractor’s Gold List, won End Magazine’s award for Best Mid-Sized House & Best Living Room, and End Magazine’s Best Non-Residential Project award, for its work on BookHampton.

Working primarily on the East End, Pape’s favorite areas include Southampton Village (Pape spent six years on the Southampton Planning Commission), Sag Harbor, and Sagaponack. Pape Construction’s projects range from 3000 to 13,000 square feet. Attention to detail is key for this company, from client needs to design demands, and all excess materials are donated or recycled when possible.

How does your team approach renovating homes in a historic district?

We understand the importance of maintaining the authenticity and integrity of the historic homes we renovate. We strive to honor each home’s history by matching its original craftsmanship. Additionally, the goal usually is to make structural modifications and incorporate energy efficiency where possible. In the end, the homes maintain their charm and quirkiness while allowing for a modern living experience that will last for another hundred years.

Some clients want a modern design in conjunction with a home that may be in a historic district. We enjoy working on projects that find a balance between different styles, so the home’s feeling remains harmonious while remaining deferential to the historic portion of the home.

What are some of your sustainable practices?

We are always enthusiastic about utilizing sustainable and recycled materials whenever appropriate, and are dedicated to building the most efficient homes possible. As a part of a total social responsibility effort, we limit waste, recycle when possible, and donate excess materials.

What is the process of partnering up for projects?

Every project is different, but much of it is by word of mouth. The ultimate compliment happens when a previous client recommends us to a friend which gives us opportunities to meet and work with new architects and designers. Once we develop a relationship with the architect, they invite us to bid their future projects.

What is Pape Construction’s style?

We have worked on a broad spectrum of architectural styles. Whether modern or traditional, our mission is to be an exceptional residential builder that values quality and craftsmanship for any style. We always love to be challenged.

How involved are you in the design process?

Some of our clients will come to us with basic plans with very little in the way of finish detailing. In those cases, we enjoy collaborating with the homeowner, drawing from our experience and making suggestions. Of course, we also work from very detailed plans where we are expected to step up if/when site situations arise.

Besides entire building projects, do you also handle remodels?

We’ve handled anything from small renovations to new homes in excess of 10,000 square feet. Being a small builder means we take on fewer projects, no matter what the size. We don’t exceed our band width, which in turn gives our clients our full attention.

What’s your favorite part of a new project?

Meeting new people and beginning the collaboration process is always fun. Working on new architectural details and watching them come together is an exciting process for us.

When you’re not creating beautiful homes, what do you and/or your team do for fun? 

Many members of our team are boaters. Living on the East End surrounded by water is really paradise.

Pape Construction is located at 60 Millstone Road in Water Mill. Call 631-204-5044 or email