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Billy Joel Tries Again

The Old Bayview Bait and Tackle Shop never garnered much media attention, until Billy the Kid rode into town. The Piano Man himself has been doing the soft shoe with Sag Harbor Village officials for a couple of years now, trying to renovate the two structures on the property, which sits across from Marine Park and the Sag Harbor Yacht Club.

He doesn’t want clever conversation, but renovations that are as timeless as they are meaningful. Back in 2016, Joel’s people advanced an ambitious plan to rotate the two buildings so both would align with Bay Street — both now sit at peculiar angles to the street and to each other. That plan didn’t fly.

Joel took the good times with the bad times, and came to the Sag Harbor Village Board of Historic Preservation and Architectural Review last week with a request to raise one of the buildings to FEMA flood standards as well as to add a wing and a screened-in porch. Board chairman Anthony Brandt said a public hearing would allow needed feedback. Honesty is such a lonely word.

The original building dates to the 18th Century. Much of the interior detail has been compromised — it once held a seafood store in addition to the tackle shop and an office. It has four en suite bedrooms and is one of the more distinctive buildings in the village, with a wall of buoys adorning the Rysam Street side of the structure.

Joel can make the scene at Dopo la Spiaggia, an Italian restaurant, which is right down the block. Brandt assured Joel would be treated like any other applicant come the public hearing on August 23 and not a Big Shot. It is scheduled to commence at 5 PM.

RE/MAX Still Growing

The real estate giant RE/MAX boasted that it had 63,162 agents in the United States at year’s end 2017, an increase of 2.3 percent over 2016. The firm also increased its number of Canadians 2.1 percent to 21,112. Worldwide, there are 34,767 additional agents, up almost 18 percent from a year ago.

“Everyone wants to stand out. But the truth is, not all do,” read an accompanying press release. “When RE/MAX was founded in ’73, they called us renegades. We were on an unapologetic mission to help the nation’s top producers keep more of what they earn.”

The firm is still looking to hire. Call 631-941-4111 for additional information.