Merging traditional with modern elements to create a compelling style

Rich Perello: Creating A Seamless Design/Build Process

Rich Perello. Independent/Ty Wenzel

Upon walking into a Perello Design & Build custom home, one experiences the dream home they didn’t know they needed. And now craved. Driving through the modern stone and wood driveway gates, the house rises as if reaching for the sky, like a steeple. There is something about the barn-style homes that take full advantage of the Hamptons country aesthetic. The two-story windows and angular lines bring with it its contemporary drama to this pastoral landscape. We spoke with Richard Perello, who with architect, Mike Hill of Studio 3H, are redefining the design/build process in the Hamptons.

Rich, your work is a beautiful merging of modern and traditional. How do you accomplish that?

We like to use traditional shapes and materials with a more modern application. For example, at 119 Newlight Lane in Bridgehampton, we used a traditional gable roof line and cedar clapboard siding. In order to make the roof line more modern, we decided not to have any roof overhangs, which gives a much more monolithic look and feel.

For the siding, we recessed all of the windows into the actual building and returned all of the cedar clapboard back to the window instead of using a traditional window casing. In doing so, you still have the familiarity of the traditional shapes and materials but with a more modern look and feel.

We also like to take a traditional component, such as an authentic timber-frame, and make it a focal point set among more modern finishes. This creates a compelling juxtaposition between the new and old, which again creates a modern look and feel using traditional materials.

Independent/Perello Design Build

Are your homes all speculative or do you work with architects and homeowners on projects?

We do work with architects and homeowners to design and build custom homes as well.

What homes are available at this time for those looking on the East End?

We just completed a modern farmhouse at 119 Newlight Lane in Bridgehampton, which is currently on the market for $8,995,000. We are currently under construction at 135 Newlight Lane, which has a completion date of late summer 2020. This home is currently on the market for $9,995,000.

You seem to have embraced the contemporary barn aesthetic as well.

I think the barn aesthetic lends itself to several different applications. It creates an open floor plan, which most of the buyers are looking for. It also allows you to take traditional components of a home and apply them with more modern finishes, creating a new and compelling style.

Independent/Perello Design Build

We love your use of raw wood beams for your modern staircases and as accents to the clean interiors. Do you source locally?

The staircase at 119 Newlight Lane was custom fabricated by a local artisan, Bob Mojeski of Rusted Rebels. He was responsible for the steel stringer and the wood treads. The cable railings were custom fabricated from Keuka Studios located in Rush, NY, and installed by my team of carpenters.

Design/Build is such a hot phrase for builders. What does it mean exactly?

Essentially it means having one team of people who are involved in all aspects of the design and construction of a luxury custom home. Some of the big advantages to this process vs. the traditional route of hiring an architect to design your dream home and then having the architect bid the project to several builders and then hiring one of these builders for the construction, is the lack of collaboration between the architects and the builders during the design and budgeting phase of the project.

With the design/build process, you are creating the seamless integration of designing, planning, budgeting, and construction of a luxury custom home. You also create one point of contact for all decisions, processes, and liability, which protects the customer from potential discrepancies of responsibility and liability between the traditional architect and builder relationship.

How long have you been a builder?

I have been working in the field of construction since I was 21 years old, working on a framing crew after I graduated from Southampton College in 1994. I started my own construction company in 2002 in Southampton and have been working and living on the East End ever since.

What services does your firm offer?

Perello Design & Build is a full-service construction company specializing in the design and construction of custom luxury homes on the East End. We also offer design and build services for renovations, additions, and remodels on the East End.

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Are you seeing any trends that you are loving at the moment?

Some of the trends I really like are large expanses of windows. The more modern homes really lend themselves to large floor-to-ceiling windows and doors, which we have been using in our custom homes. They can be focal points allowing us to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces.

These lines are also blurred by using large accordion-type doors and multi-slide door panels for seamless transitions between the indoor and outdoor spaces. This creates a resort-style home where families can create memories that will last a lifetime.

How important is green building to you and your projects?

Green building is a very important aspect of our projects. Integrating the latest insulation technology, Solar panels, geothermal heating and cooling, as well as using renewable resources when they are available are all major considerations for all of our projects. Creating homes which use much less energy to operate and maintain is very satisfying and also a major concern for our customers.

Independent/Perello Design Build

If money were no object, what would you like to build?

I would love the opportunity to build at a location where the landscape is the focal point of the project. There are so many stunning and beautiful locations in the Hamptons where you can create a breathtaking moment. I am truly lucky to be able to work and live in a place like this.

What is it about the East End that you love so much?

Ever since I starting going to college here 30 years ago, I fell in love with the landscape, which has some of the greatest beaches and waterways in the world. Since I was originally a marine biology major, I was introduced to places like Morton’s Wildlife Refuge in Noyac or the walking dunes in Montauk. I can remember learning about the topography and how Long Island was formed from receding glaciers, which were responsible for this unique landscape.

After I graduated college, I would spend every summer living in the Hamptons and then moving back full time in 2002, currently living in North Haven where me and my wife (whom I met at Southampton College) are raising our four children. I could not imagine living anywhere else.

Independent/Perello Design Build

When you’re not working, what do you do for fun?

One of my favorite things to do when I’m not working is to take my family surfing. It’s amazing to see my kids take to the ocean and truly love the sport of surfing. We are lucky enough to spend our summers in Ditch Plains, where the kids basically live at the beach.

I also love coaching for the East Hampton youth lacrosse team. I am currently coaching the girls sixth-grade team and the boys third-grade team. Being a former teacher and high school coach, I get great pleasure in watching my players develop during the season and fall in love with the sport of lacrosse.

To reach Perello or to inquire about his properties, call 631-255-2499. You can also follow on Instagram at or visit