Salty Home in Bridgehampton sells furnishings with function and flair, its owner, Jessica de Kerillis, says.

Salty Home Sells Eclectic Décor

Jessica de Kerillis

Salty Home, in Bridgehampton, sells ‘furnishings with function and flair.’ Owner Jessica de Kerillis places a strong emphasis on the family connection that built the business. However, it’s the loyal customer support that de Kerillis prides her establishment on most. Home decor, aromatherapy, accessories, seasonal finds and more, Salty Home is everything East End.

What spurred the start of the business?

I really wanted to have my own business and thought I’d either do it when I was young — just out of college — or after I had grown children. Things worked after college, so we were able to open Salty Home when I was 24 years old.

Salty Home is a family business. how does this connection keep the business going strong?

Salty Home is only possible because of my family. My sister, Tricia and I started the business together. She is still involved but lives in Maryland with her husband and daughter. My two sons (ages two and four) come to work with me every day. My mom helps out daily and my dad shows on a regular basis too.

Our loyal customers have really become like family to us. We don’t take for granted our customers and do try to give back to them when possible. It means the world to us, not only their business, but their friendship.

What inspired the name, Salty Home?

We wanted to have a coastal inspired name. We made a list of many different words and ideas. Salty was one that had so many meanings. The obvious for us was salt water — but also salt for food — how it enhances flavor. Also, “salt of the earth.” The biblical meaning. There was so much depth to it.

What’s the Salty Home style?

Salty Home is quite eclectic. There are many different styles: coastal, cottage, industrial, some modern, contemporary, traditional. For us, there are no rules. It all seems to work together. Plus, there is something for everyone.

Tell us about your product mix.

We have hundreds of venders. Some products are made locally, some in the U.S. by small artisans, and some is more mass produced. It is a culmination of 13 years of hunting and exploring new and unique products.

Wall art is our number one category. However, at different times of the year, it does vary. In the spring, we sell the most furniture. In December, we sell the most gifts. In the summer — it is the gamut. There isn’t a day that goes by that a candle doesn’t sell. We ship out a lot as well now. The internet has really taken off.

You also have a selection of eco-friendly HeavyDuty Canvas Buckets with South Fork town names on them.

Oh yes! These are completely custom. We get in many different ones in stock — but if you ever don’t see what you are looking for, we can make it up. We have done weddings, birthdays, beaches, company logos. We will get it done! They are great Easter baskets and Halloween totes. You can personalize them and also use them as ice buckets.

Describe your perfect summer room. What’s it look like? 

Any room that is filled with my family. That is the most valuable thing in my world. They make me the happiest.

Salty Home is located at 2044 Montauk Highway, Building 1, Suite 16 in Bridgehampton. Call 631-237-1250 or visit