Sofia Crokos Events & Lifestyle celebrates 20 years of sophisticated entertaining.

Sofia Crokos Elevates Entertaining

Sofia Crokos. Photo: Stephen Karlisch.

Sofia Crokos Events & Lifestyle celebrates 20 years of sophisticated entertaining. Chief Executive Officer Sofia Crokos and her female tribe of creatives pride themselves on authentic experiences tailored to their clientele’s every need.

The intimately run company focuses on three client events a month, on average, with additional smaller gatherings surrounding the main affair, ensuring the utmost attention to each individual occasion. From gala dinners to milestone celebrations, Crokos has become essential to the upscale, event landscape.

The New York City-based company was listed as one of “The Top Wedding Planners in the US” by BAZAAR in 2016.

How did your company start?
It started in Brooklyn. Like any sort of entrepreneur story, it starts small and you start building a staff. Then, my first office was in SoHo. I had this mindset that I wanted to initially be in the weddings arena because, when I had started this, there were only about three or four top names in the industry that were very familiar to me. But, there was no young blood out there.

So, I said, “this is kind of refreshing.” Here I was, in my early 30s and I was going to hit it and go from there, and see where it would take me. I was very clear about wanting to hit the mid to high-end type of events. I wanted to specialize and not be a cookie cutter event planner.

What’s your background?
I started with fashion. That was my first true love. It all ties in together. I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology and graduated from there, then I went into fashion marketing and sales for various designers. In my mind, I was a designer; I just couldn’t sketch it on paper. I was a frustrated designer. I always had an eye for detail, that was my thing from a young age.

Fashion always drew me, and I went to Paris for a semester. It was seven or eight years of that until I realized I wanted to do something for myself. Doing events and parties was instilled in me because I’m Greek. Everything revolved around a table, entertainment, gatherings. So, it was innate, in my blood. Once I realized I didn’t want to be in fashion any longer, I realized parties and events, seeing something come to life, drew me, and it took off.

Do you focus on one particular location?
My tag line is “New York, Hamptons, Worldwide.” I find that travel is my therapy and wherever the client wants to take us, our passports are ready!  We happily also do events in our hometown and across the united states as well.

What’s your favorite part about the party planning process?
I love the connection that I make with each of my clients. I get into the psyche of the client to understand what is it that they really want and how much can we extract from them so that it can make our jobs even easier.  The most important thing is to personalize their story.  Every planning step is exciting to me and to my staff and watching each chapter unfold can bring easiness as well as challenges.  We welcome both!  Two of my favorite areas is focusing on food and design.  Throughout the last almost 20 years of being in this business, I have become a huge foodie and even a bigger lover of design, thanks to my fashion background and to my clients who have allowed me to design their memorable day.  I love people who appreciate beautiful things in life and so its our job to feed their five senses and create something magical.  I don’t want to treat my events as just another party.  Each one that we are lucky to work on, we build an experience for both the client and for us too.

What is the Sofia Crokos signature touch?
We design events with style.  We are enthusiastic about every event and every client, every time.  So creating and curating events with our zen like approach and endless resources is what makes us unique.

What’s the key to your long-term success?
Reinventing. Evolving. EMPOWERING.

Everyday is a new day so wherever there is room, we like to continue to keep fresh, source our new products and ideas as well as keep things light because life is beautiful and we have choices. As this industry continues to grow, we need to keep evolving as well. Change is good and it helps us move forward to the next big thing. Everything in life is timing and i know that its important to feed and empower the relationships that i build over time because it will not just benefit that person it will also benefit me. Lastly, its important to have a great support team because without them none of the above would be possible. I am truly grateful and blessed.

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