Elliman agent moonlights as a rock star

Spotlight On Joseph Van Asco

From his early days as a local lifeguard to now, wheeling and dealing in the Hamptons real estate scene, Joseph Van Asco has been a prominent fixture on the East End. Sure, he has several million in sales under his belt, but did you know he and his wife formed a two-person band when they first met? Here, we get the know Van Asco himself.

As a born-and-bred East Hampton resident, how does that help your sellers, buyers, and renters?

It helps not only that I know the area, but that I love the area and have a strong connection to it.

What did you like about growing up on the East End?

There’s so much to like about growing up here. I spent my summers as a lifeguard, riding my bike to Atlantic Ave in the morning, surfing, and having bonfires after work. I saved a few lives in the water too. They were pretty epic saves.

What are some tips and tricks for sellers to attract buyers?

I have a whole list of tips and tricks, sometimes they apply and sometimes they don’t, but here are a few: staging the house, cleaning, clearing, and landscaping any outdoor areas, or planting a few flower beds always help. Even just fresh linens can go a long way, but first and foremost, always have great photos to draw buyers in.

What trends do you see happening at the moment?

New construction in Springs is becoming an area of growth. Hampton Bays is also becoming a place for young adults and professionals looking for affordable properties. However, I see even those prices in Hampton Bays already pushing boundaries.

What’s your favorite building in the Hamptons, architecturally?

The Gates of the Grove, also known as the Jewish Center of the Hamptons, is one of my favorites. Designed by Norman Jaffe and built in 1989, it’s a very special place to me. I spent a lot of time there as a kid learning about spirituality, and then as an adult. After traveling to Israel for a few years, I came back to teach Hebrew, music, and culture there.

I’m now teaching and making music at Temple Adas Israel in Sag Harbor, which is Long Island’s oldest synagogue. It’s one of the important things I like to do when I’m not busy with real estate.

What marketing tools do you use — direct mail, email, personal website — and what has worked best for you?

I use a lot of marketing tools. I have even created some of my own. You have to use it all, but you also have to choose the best products, many of which are complex, and take some level of computer programming and literacy in order to use them successfully.

Do you have any favorite builders or architects you like to work with?

For sure. I really like the work of MKL construction, Telemark, MAP Builders, as well as Truxel Homes.

You’re in a band with your wife, Jenna. How did that come to be? 

We met at the Blue Parrot about five years ago while I was playing music. She saw me play some original songs, and loved it. I invited her to come play in my band. The next day, when I picked her up for band practice, she said, “Where’s the rest of the band?” To which I replied, “Babe, It’s just you and I.” It’s all history from there. Check us out at www.jenna-joe.com.

When you’re not selling or renting real estate, what do you do for fun?

I still like to ride my bike as far as my legs can take me. It keeps the kid in me alive. I built a skateboard at Grain Surfboards in Amagansett, and I’ve been skating around on that. No more tricks or half-pipes though, just straight cruising. I’m in a few bands as well, and I typically have at least one or two shows a week. That’s always a lot of fun.

To contact Joe, email joseph.vanasco@elliman.com or call 631.353.1043.