Worth Interiors:

Tamara Fraser

Worth Interiors takes inspiration from organic elements and urban touches and incorporates them into each home. Tamara Fraser, an interior designer with the company, opened its Bridgehampton office in 2015. Worth is based out of Vail, Colorado, with additional offices in Chelsea, NYC. The Independent talked with Fraser about the firm’s approach to interior decorating.

What’s your signature touch?
Worth Interiors’ signature touch is clean and modern with a warm, comfortable feel. We are asked to create homes for people who really live in them, who entertain and play and enjoy their families. Being a company based in two resorts, we primarily work on second homes. These homes are always used for fun and activity and family gathering. They need to be comfortable and livable. We create that for them, while keeping it well thought out and elegantly designed.

Favorite room to decorate?
I love outdoor spaces — we do a lot of them in the Hamptons. I also love the dining room. Master bedrooms . . . there really isn’t a true favorite!

How do you find your clients?
Our clients find us through word of mouth mostly. We do some marketing, but it’s mostly as a recommendation from real estate agents, architects, and other clients.

Does The Bridgehampton team consult with the other offices?
We are always working together. I lean on my Colorado team every day. Each project is generally run by at least three people.

What is it about a Hamptons home that captivates you?
The space — tall ceilings, large rooms, walls that open to the outside, outdoor spaces, and water views.

How long does a typical project take?
A project usually takes about six months for space planning and furniture. If we are doing a remodel at the same time, it can take up to a year, but that depends on the scope and the pace of the construction schedule. But a client can call us and say, “I just bought a house and want to be in for summer” and as long as we have floors and windows, we can get them living in the home in four to six months.

What’s new for Spring/Summer 2018?
A fresh color palette, browns and creams and greys, not quite as stark as the past few years have been, and green and yellow. Outdoor furniture inside the home, and a continuation of using outdoor fabrics everywhere.

Glance through the firm’s portfolio at worthinteriors.com. Contact Tamara Fraser at her Bridgehampton office, 631-613-8010, or email tamara@worthinteriors.com.