Real Realty: Linda Kabot & Robert Tomich from Town & Country are a trusted expert pair

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Independent/Ty Wenzel

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts when it comes to Linda Kabot and Robert Tomich. Together, the two have risen from unexpected backgrounds in the world of real estate, and have managed to make a name for themselves thanks to their acumen and expert service.

Tell us how you got your start in the business. We know you both come from diverse backgrounds.

Linda Kabot: I served for 14 years in Southampton Town government, including eight years as an elected official — two years as Town Supervisor and six years as Councilwoman. This experience gave me an in-depth understanding of local zoning and permit regulations as well as great familiarity with all the hamlets and villages throughout the East End.

My work ethic and local government experience dovetails well with the important responsibilities we have as realtors and brokers representing buyers and sellers.

Robert Tomich: As a Life Member of the PGA of America, my livelihood from 1973 to 2002 depended upon building relationships with people who valued knowledge, discretion, and professionalism. Those values continue to serve me well in real estate where knowing your clients’ goals and keeping their confidence is equally important.

Over the past 16 years as a real estate broker, I’ve developed solid relationships with clients, customers, and fellow real estate professionals. I’m proud to call many of them my friends.

How did you start working together at Town & Country Real Estate?

RT: When Linda first appeared in our Southampton brokerage office, everyone was amazed by her energy and enthusiasm. It was infectious. You couldn’t help but notice her. From the beginning of our team partnership, she has been a constant source of inspiration, affirmation, and reinforcement.

The depth of her knowledge has pushed our business to another level. She’s decisive, efficient, and an inexhaustible source of town and village information. She’s also passionate, kind-hearted, and genuine. There’s no better measure of a business partner than that.

LK: Bob is recognized as being Town & Country’s top producing agent for several years running and for his wide array of connections and market experience spanning Remsenburg to East Hampton. Working with Bob has been an easy fit for me, and our partnership continues to grow with every success.

His know-how coupled with my comprehensive skill set blend perfectly to create a powerful service-oriented team. Together, we bring the power of two working attentively to provide the expert representation discerning clients expect and deserve.

How do you approach the sale of your properties, and how has the team mentality been beneficial to you?

RT: We believe in customer service, which means we’re focused on the details that deliver exceptional service from listing presentation to closing. We understand that helping people achieve their real estate goals is how you earn their referrals. That’s everything in our business.

Getting our clients the best price for their home and finding our customers the right home at the best price is what we do. Being able to positively impact the way people experience the buying and selling process never gets old. It’s the best feeling when you help someone achieve their goals.

LK: Both Bob and I are experts in the Hamptons real estate market. We know the communities and all the neighborhoods from Remsenburg to East Hampton. This local knowledge, along with my in-depth government experience, instills confidence in our customers and clients, whether they are buyers, sellers, or investors.

We pride ourselves on being an innovative, resourceful, and hard-working team that gets results. The power of deep roots, integrity, and exceptional customer service — that’s what our partnership is all about.

You both specialize in some innovative forms of marketing. Which ones have served you best in the last year?

LK: In today’s world, buyers rely on speed of information for everything, including real estate. They often begin their search using internet listing portals. They’re often on their cell phones, so it’s critical that we engage in marketing across a wide variety of platforms, including social media. We supplement these efforts with print and direct mail marketing to highlight various properties, new listings, and open houses.

We engage in marketing through email communications, newsletters, and customer relationship marketing strategies. We also understand the power visual imagery has to promote our listings, so drone photography and video tours are essential to our marketing as well.

We work regularly with the marketing department at Town & Country, which enables us to customize our advertising. Town & Country’s talented support staff is accessible to us at all times, which enables us to best serve our clientele.

We hear you develop homes as well. How did this interest come along?

LK: My husband, Lance, is a retired Industrial Arts teacher experienced in the construction trades, so we have a common interest in the development process. Over the years, we have built and renovated homes, subdivided land, and bought and leased several properties.

This experience, along with the background I have in local government, helps me guide customers and clients smoothly through the buying, building, and permitting processes. My ability to analyze attributes and constraints of a property helps me to explain to buyers and sellers what can and cannot be achieved on a property in terms of improvements.

Bob Tomich with Frankie. Independent/Ty Wenzel

You take an active role in several causes too. Are there a few you can highlight for us?

RT: I was recently asked by a client of ours if I would give golf lessons to a group of wounded Israeli soldiers to support Israeli Defense Forces Wounded Warriors for Belev Echad. I was honored to do this, and I look forward to doing it again in the years to come. My wife, Liz, and I also donate to other charitable causes and attend fundraising events here and in NYC in support of cancer research.

LK: My husband and I enjoy supporting local charity events and fundraising programs, including East End Hospice, Southampton Town Animal Shelter, Hamptons Wildlife Rescue Center, and others.

You’re both quite diverse in your hobbies. Tell us all about them.

RT: I still play a little golf — not quite as much as I would like — but enough to remind me that I still have some gas in my tank. Any day that I can get on the golf course with my pals — the Demeri brothers or Mardini — is a good day for me, even if I hack it.

LK: Hobbies! Who has time for hobbies?

If/when you get any time to relax, where can we find you out east?

LK: I wish I had more time to relax, but it seems that the life of a realtor is 24/7. If and when I do have time to relax, you can find me in my backyard with a glass of wine, a good book, and my dog, Lucy.

RT: I do a little writing on the subject of golf instruction in my free time. Whoever said “Hell is a blank sheet of paper” knew what they were talking about.