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Vanessa Leggard, Director Of Social Media For Brown Harris Stevens

Social media whiz Vanessa Leggard is an indisputable asset to the ever-shifting arsenal of real estate selling tactics used by brokerages both large and small. Here, we get to know Brown Harris Stevens’s own Director of Social Media and learn exactly what it takes to feature the agency’s plethora of stunning properties.

Most of the local real estate agencies don’t have an in-house social media marketer. Why did BHS feel it was an important role for them to have in-house?

Social media is part of our everyday lives and BHS realized that its agents were not embracing this very valuable tool in engaging with potential customers. Hiring a social media consultant can be very expensive and BHS is interested in its agents being successful, so this is a tool that is at their disposal.

What does your day look like?

Part of the week is spent working with marketing. There is so much work to complete, so I am able to utilize my marketing skills. The other part of my week includes travelling to one of our five offices, doing workshops, helping agents set-up their social media, attending open houses. I create content of Happenings in the Hamptons and trending stories to share with our corporate office.

What’s the secret to building a strong social media presence for a brand like BHS?

There is no secret. The objective is to share relevant content and continue to build on our brand of a luxury lifestyle. BHS has focused on increasing our corporate social media and subsequently, many of our agents have focused on building their own social media brand.

Is there a unique content style associated with Brown Harris Stevens that you have mastered for them? 

Yes. We create content for our monthly newsletters that the agents are able to customize and share with their customers.

What are some of the most effective social media channels utilized by you and your team? 

We are still exploring, but the platforms that BHS uses are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

How do you work with your agents to make their social media presence unique?

I create workshops, I send weekly emails with popular hashtags they should use, and the most effective are the personal meetings. I can customize the meeting for their needs. Many still need guidance because this is a learning curve for many.

Social media is a fulltime job and many feel they don’t have time to add another task to their very busy day. In the beginning, when you are setting up your social media, it does take time. I explain to them consistency is very important; once they click in, the management will not take up a lot of time.

We suspect this isn’t a typical 9 to 5 job. How important is it to be out and about on the Hamptons scene?

Social media is not a 9 to 5 job. Being out and about is extremely important. I will be on the Hamptons scene this summer.

Tell us about your free time! When you’re not highlighting beautiful homes, where can we find you out East? 

When I am not highlighting beautiful homes and helping many of our amazing agents with their social media, I help my husband with his company, Photography by Kurt, and I am the publisher for Hamptons Mouthpiece. Hamptons Mouthpiece is a lifestyle and entertainment resource guide to the Hamptons. Focused on bringing you information in a condensed format about Hamptons Happenings, community news, Hamptons Style, beauty and fashion, home, travel, real estate art, music and much, much more . . .

Hamptons MouthPiece’s goal is to keep you updated with everything that relates to the Hamptons. A perfect resource for the fulltime resident, seasonal resident, and visitors, with occasional regional, national, and global posts that are relevant to the Hamptons resident.