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Victoria Kahn

Victoria Kahn by Independent / Ty Wenzel

Victoria Kahn is the company broker for Century 21 Agawam Town & Village in Southampton. The brokerage offers sales and rentals, land sales, and real estate investments and partnerships throughout the East End. The Independent spoke with Kahn about her business.

Which homes do you admire most? Why?

Many of the homes which we admired are sadly now gone. The homes along Post Crossing are among the most beautiful in Southampton Village. Another beautiful, tree-lined street with lovely homes, also in the village, is Wyandanch Lane.

Which home are you most proud of selling in your portfolio?

I think it has to be 15 Lohan Court in Southampton. It’s a spectacular 10-bedroom home on 10 acres with an indoor and an outdoor pool and an eight-car garage.

What sets you apart from Other Brokers?

What sets us apart is the attention that we give to both buyers and sellers on an individual basis. Our boutique style approach to real estate is particularly appreciated by the discerning buyers and sellers.

What’s your best advice for sellers when listing their place, or before finalizing their home’s sale?

We believe there are two types of properties. One being the property where you walk in and enjoy it immediately. For this type of property, targeted marketing is key when we represent the seller.

Then, there is the second type of property that is, what we call, “real estate,” meaning what you can do with the property. For this type of property, whether we represent a seller or a buyer, we always study and review the highest and best use of the property, in terms of expansion, renovation, or re-positioning. When we represent the seller, we always point out all the improvements that can be made to the property, and we also find solutions for any problems associated with the property so nothing becomes an impediment to a transfer.

Is there a current property that we need to know about?

An interesting listing we have is a 2.2-acre property on Montauk Highway with a view of Shinnecock Bay, which has tremendous potential, and in an area that is rapidly changing and being “rediscovered.”

When you’re not working, where can we find you out East?

We encourage all our agents to get involved in community activities and in local groups taking an active role in protecting and preserving our landscape and community. You can find me at the Rogers Memorial Library.

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