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Want To Learn About The Hottest Hamptons Building Trends?

Black window trim against stained white cedar siding was all the rage for Cavallo Building.

Cavallo Building

I’ve seen a few design trends for the year 2019. Some have been trending for a couple of years now but are still current. One of them is stained white cedar perfection siding with black windows. I’d say 75 percent of the homes we built this year had the combination of both or one or the other. Another trend I see are the hardwood floors being finished natural. This is typically a wide plank white oak floor sanded with a satin water-based polyurethane on top. Another design feature I’ve been seeing on the comeback is brass hardware — not a shiny finish like the past but a brushed, toned down look. Perhaps that will be the big 2020 trend!

Doug Cavallo

Greg D’Angelo Construction

Along with an overall preference for modern homes over traditional style (a trend that’s been on the rise for years now), we’ve seen increasing interest in fully integrated “smart homes.” Today, you can control everything from your utilities to your refrigerator’s temperature right from your phone and the technology can be hard-wired into the home during construction. We just finished a contemporary home in Sag Harbor with all the bells and whistles — lights, AV system, surveillance, door locks, heating and AC — everything governed by electricity can be adjusted from anywhere — even on vacation! It’s wonderfully convenient and more important, super-efficient too!

Greg D’Angelo


For Plum Builders, the new buzzword is net positive, meaning that the homes are saving via solar panels.

Plum Builders

Today’s buyers who are building are very interested in energy efficiency. The new buzzword is net positive, meaning that the homes are saving the energy they’re capturing via solar panels and banking that energy onsite to use for their own needs . . . zero carbon footprint. There is surging interest is in the new residential Tesla Power Wall. Buyers value reliability, so residential generators for back-up have become popular over the past few years. Along those lines of practical choices, buyers consider purchasing more expensive exterior siding material where the maintenance costs prove less over time.

Mary Giaquinto

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For Forst Construction, bathrooms with modern details were a must-have for many homeowners.

Forst Construction

The biggest design trends that we are seeing in 2019 have to do with more modern details, in and out. All the bathrooms have full stone or porcelain slabs on the walls and floors instead of tile, or very large tiles that are 24 x 48 inches or greater. Most showers are curbless and have long linear drains instead of the traditional center drain.

We are also getting more and more requests for outside kitchens with all the bells and whistles. It’s not just a BBQ, a small refrigerator, and sink anymore. The kitchens now have pizza ovens, ice machines, a gas grill, as well as a charcoal grill or smoker. Outside living is in, with larger windows and doors that open up the inside to the outside. It is clear that bringing the inside out, and the outside in is what’s trending now and, in my opinion, will continue to grow.

Michael Paul Forst


Increasing livable spaces included finishing basements and adding pavilions with TVs and full kitchens are hot ticket items for CP Complete.

CP Complete

The biggest building trend that CP Complete has seen in 2019 is the desire to increase interior and exterior livable space in existing homes. Many of our clients have chosen to renovate instead of starting new home construction. Select second homeowners in the Hamptons have already built or purchased their dream house. Extended families and friends have become very comfortable; but they need more space.

“Moving the inside out” is a popular trend. Pavilions or pool houses with all the amenities that you would find inside the house have become extremely popular. Outdoor TVs, kitchens, bathrooms, and showers have become the “go-to” additions.

Another way to increase livable space is to finish the basement. With the proper space in an existing home, we have built several code compliant luxury finished basements. Adding a bathroom, playroom, bedroom, gym and/or media center has become a trend that shows every sign of continuing. Not only do these trends increase the enjoyment of your home, they also increase the value.

Chris Hall

Leaving the natural wood in its non-stained state, whether it was the floors, shiplap details or millwork, was the biggest trend for Mercer Built.

Mercer Built

We have put to use creatively using natural materials, and leaving them natural. Not just on floors. We’ve been implementing this on millwork details, paneled walls, office spaces, wine rooms and cellars, and libraries with a modern take on wood. Rather than paint or stain millwork to achieve a sort of color, we’ve had huge success leaving the natural surface and look as is.

Justin Marinoff