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Detox & Revive

Last summer, while attending Ruschmeyer’s “Camp Rusch,” I discovered Montauk Juice Factory. The colorful bottles were so intriguing that I drank two, the Ginger Ninja, from the Boost line, and Power Pull, from its Blended series. As spring brings about healthy cravings, I did my research and noticed that, aside from delicious drinks, there are also MJF cleanses. I reached out to Bret Caretsky, CEO of Montauk Juice Factory, to see what’s the buzz for 2018.

How did you craft the cleanses?

Our cleanses were designed by my partner, Madeline Murphy, and myself. It’s not always easy to get your veggies in. A cleanse is a wonderful way to guarantee you are getting what your body needs. This restorative package that comes from our most nutrient dense green juice cleanses, and helps us develop healthier eating and drinking habits, by flooding our body with nutrients and allowing our digestive system to rest.

Explain the two types of cleanses MJF Offers.

Our cleanses are functional and purpose based. The ingredients align with the one-word benefit Detox or Revive. Going to nutrition school teaches us what the functionality of food is and for what purpose it serves our bodies. We took that knowledge and developed three and five-day cleanses that target our body’s needs.

What can people expect to get out of the detox?

Drinking a cleanse is a great way to stay energized and healthy when you’re very busy. The Detox is a great tasting cleanse that uses burdock root and dandelion.

Burdock has been used for centuries as a diuretic and digestive aid, and also removes toxins from our blood. Dandelion has been known to treat liver disorders.

What is a benefit in each of your juices?

I would say, great taste. That most certainly is a common benefit that most people would say after drinking our juices, which I have to say, is not so common when cleansing with another juice company. All of our products are made in Montauk at our store and delivered to our clients, friends, and supporters.

How many flavors do you have?

We offer eight juice flavors, three superfood tonics, and various wellness and immunity shots. The original juice was “The Ditch,” named after Ditch Plains Beach. We have tons of exciting opportunities to launch new products through The End Brooklyn [a cafe located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn inspired by all things Montauk] We have new products launching this month in Brooklyn that could be more popular than our famous “Unicorn Latte.”

Learn more by visiting or @MontaukJuiceFactory.