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Pilates Reformer

Nicole Teitler with Jeannie Brady.




Rise above the resistance and harness the power within you to accept challenges as new opportunities to reform your life. If a Pilates Reformer could speak, this is what I imagine it would say.

At least, that’s how I felt after taking my first class with Jeannie Brady, certified in Stott Pilates, Madd Dog Spinning, AFAA Group Fitness, AFAA Personal Trainer, and overall badass. Brady has been with American Muscle Studio since October 2016, a place I like to call an empowerment facility, owned by April Yakaboski on West Main Street in Riverhead.

The Pilates Reformer is a machine unlike any other, with a sliding carriage rigged with springs, ropes, straps, and bars. For someone with a slightly shortened fitness attention span, such as myself, it felt like yoga on steroids. Brady glided me into motions that stretched and strengthened. In one move, I was pressing my feet onto a bar, gliding horizontally with resistance weighted against my shoulders. In another, my feet placed into straps, pointing towards the ceiling, slowly maneuvering my torso and glutes as they descended back down.

How is the pilates reformer different than other workouts?
Pilates Reformer workouts consistently target the entirety of your torso, from your hips to your shoulders, your back and stabilizing muscles, all collectively named “The Powerhouse” by the inventor Joseph Pilates.

Is the reformer for everyone?
Pilates is great for everyone, from athletes to newbies. Fast, notable, and comprehensive results are achieved with consistency in as little as 10 sessions. Participants can expect better posture, coordination, flexibility and a taller, slimmer, sleeker appearance.

What is your favorite move on the reformer?
My clients always laugh because I tell them every move is my favorite move. If I had to choose one though, it would be the leg series in the foot straps.
What’s your key to having such a fit physique?

The key for me to maintain a fit physique is consistency and balance. I’ve been active for over 30 years and I see now, into my 50s that it’s set an amazing foundation. I’m literally in the best shape

I’ve ever been. I keep it fun, I enjoy life, I laugh at myself, because a healthy body can not exist without a healthy mind!

Any Advice to people who think the reformer isn’t for them?
If there’s someone out there who thinks the Pilates Reformer is not for them, I would ask why. I’ve heard so many misconceptions. There is nothing that allows you to feel the way Pilates makes you feel. The experience is different for everyone because my goal is to address each client’s specific needs. My clients never know what I’ll have them doing, but we keep it challenging and fun!

Check out the full schedule, including classes with Jeannie, at, stop in 38 W Main Street in Riverhead or follow @americanmusclestudio.