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Remixing Healthy Eating

Healthy has never tasted, or looked, so good than at The Squeezery in Amagansett, which is remixing the way you’ve thought about eating and drinking. Since opening over Memorial Day Weekend in 2017, this juice-meets-booze bar (and organic café, among other titles) has gained Instagram fame from the large, green Hamptons sign taking center stage on the wall, which happens to be produced by a local artist.

Owners James Huertas and Sam Schoenheimer have made the business a playground for a healthier lifestyle, where balance is everything.

When I entered the doors of the uniquely decorated and inviting atmosphere, Schoenheimer warmly greeted me with endless plates of food and a turmeric latte made with cashew milk ($5).

Before digging into my guilt-free meal, we got to talking.

What’s one of your healthiest ingredients?
Spirulina! It holds so many incredible health benefits, from being a great immune system booster to being a great source of plant protein. Additionally, if you are looking for something that might help get those toxins out from the night before . . . then it can help you there too!

How do you make healthy trendy?
I suppose in order for things to work, they have to be close to the heart and essentially be extension of your personality. We don’t like things that bore us, so we just simply don’t do them! Life is short, so let’s make the thing we spend doing most of the time, work, fun!

The Squeezery Serves Double Duty as a bar?
We have what we like to call a clean cocktail concept. We mix high quality liquor with high quality, fresh, organic ingredients picked from locally sourced farms into cocktails. [We also have] great live music in the form of DJs and bands, and live art shows.

There isn’t the pressure to drink in our bar. We serve juices, smoothies, and deliciously healthy food throughout the night. You can enjoy your evening of live entertainment without the pressure of drinking alcohol.

What drinks would you recommend for a pre-or post-workout?
Pre-or post-workout our Liquid Lunch is great, because it’s got fat for sustained energy for before a workout, and a good amount of carbs and protein for either before or after a workout. Running Man is also good pre-workout for endurance athletes because beets have properties to enhance oxygen delivery throughout the body.

The Green Squeeze would be a good pre-or post-workout as well, if you add some protein in there (pea protein or brown rice protein would work well). Furthermore, healthy fats from the avocado would be filling and light enough for a pre-workout boost, or post workout.

What’s new on the menu this season?
This season, we brought in the wonderful creative work of chef KC James, who is also working with our Austin location. KC created a wonderful menu for this year, upgrading some of last year’s items like Smoked Salmon Avocado Toast and our signature Beet Hummus toast, and adding the delicious Roasted Pineapple Ricotta Toast and The Perfect Pancakes (yes they are healthy!). We are currently working on more options, which will be released for the summer.

Before long it was time to eat.

In front of me were plates so colorful, a unicorn would get jealous! The Roasted Pineapple Ricotta Toast ($11), with honey, mint, and toasted pistachios is a flavorful twist on such ordinary ingredients — and was, hands down, one of the best things I’ve eaten in a while. Next, the Beet Hummus Toast ($12) with smashed avocado, walnuts and micro greens converted even the most reluctant beet eater.

Craving a spin on the classic, bagel and lox? Try the Smoked Fish and Avocado Toast ($14) with salmon or trout, scrambled eggs, and créme fraiche. Lastly, go for the Sweet Potato Hash ($8) with sautéed kale, chickpeas, caramelized onions, and Masala spice.

Hungry yet?

Make sure you stop into this East End eatery and hangout that’s certain to make waves as a permanent part of the East End.

The Squeezery is located on 195 Main Street in Amagansett. To become a follower on social media, check out @SqueezeryNY.