Elements Fitness Studio in East Hampton brings sexy back

Shred AF Offers ‘Quickie’ Workouts


Elements Fitness Studio in East Hampton is a year-round go-to for all barre-based workouts, thanks to founder and director, Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger. What makes her studio unique is her AF Series of 25-minute “quickies,” including Toned, Sexy, Sweaty, and Stretch, for those in a hurry but still eager to reap the benefits.

It’s been three days since I stepped inside and I’m still sore. Appropriately so, considering I expressed my desire to be fit and fierce with pro surfer Matthew Barton, of Hamptons Surf Company, in his Shred AF class that recently debuted on August 16.

How did you partner up?

Andrea met my brother (Gregory Barton) and I at a pop-up that we were all doing at the Maidstone in 2016. Ever since, we have formed a mutually beneficial partnership between Hamptons Surf Company and Elements. We have done at least one event each summer together, but have expanded the partnership this summer.

Why mix surfing and barre?

Adding a fitness element to Hamptons Surf Company has always been something that my brother and I have looked to incorporate. It was a no-brainer to team up with Andrea on that front. Surfing requires great overall fitness, but connects deeply with barre based on the balance and core elements that you will find in both.

In addition to surfing, my brother and I were college football players. We actually took barre classes as a part of football, so we had a base in it before we connected with Andrea. We knew that surf movements and Andrea’s formula for her classes would flow nicely.

Why make it an express class and not a full hour?

These classes incorporate barre, but are more geared to a fast-paced overall fitness class to sweat and tone. We felt that given the nature of the class, it would be more fun to keep things quick with limited breaks/constant action.

Surf pop-up, surf-build up sequence (from the ground to standing), surf squat (air squats with pulses), swimming exercise (akin to mountain climbers) and water skiers, are all terminologies used during class . . . along with barre squats, pushups, one legged squats, crunches, and a whole lot of toning. A class perfectly geared for both men and women.

The website says 80 percent sweat, 20-percent surf lingo, and 100-percent sexy. I say, 80-percent raising the bar on what I thought I could accomplish, 20-percent comfort zone, and 100-percent worth it. Despite my persistent soreness, I do feel 100-percent sexy AF.

You can still try Shred AF for yourself this Thursday and Saturday in East Hampton. Elements has potential plans to move the class into its new Upper East Side location in the fall (details to be revealed at a later time). This Friday, August 31, take Matthew and Andrea’s express class at 10:30 AM followed by an art exhibit opening at 3 PM, as part of a big influencer event.

If you’re looking for a full 60-minute workout, try a Signature class of Dance, Toned, Stretch, and Sweat. Or, try the SUP Series, stand up paddle boarding of Barre, Fit, Group Paddle, or with Family & Kids. The studio has all the elements you need.

Elements Fitness is located at 68 Newtown Lane, Suite 6, behind Babette’s, in East Hampton. Call 631-604-5445, visit http://www.elementsfitnessstudio.com, or follow @elementsbarrefit.